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in japan. the new threat some say is actually happening right now. >>> we're panicking, and it was really scary. >> hear from people from japan who heard about their own hometown disaster while here in the bay area. >>> as soon as we move those folks, that oil is going to come to the surface. >> the pollution the new concern as the cleanup begins in santa cruz harbor, 17 million in cleanup, not including the boats. we have new information on the tsunami coming to shore in emoryville. good evening, thank you for joining us. right now in japan, sunday afternoon, government officials now admit a partial meltdown is partly under way at the country's new facilities. authorities ordered 150,000 people the evacuate the area, 170 miles from tokyo, and the shaking still has not stopped after the quake. a powerful quake off the coast happened. rescue crews are looking for people missing along 100s of miles of coastline, with many areas still unreachable. and we just got word that japanese police found 200 bodies in a coastal area. and new fears at one nuclear power plant that rose above the legal l
part in a protest. >>> confusion today in japan about the damaged nuclear power plant. more pools of radioactive water were found inside and the owners gave widely conflicting accounts about the danger. that only heightened concerns that the crisis has been mishandled. lee cowan is in tokyo. >> reporter: it was the second apology in as many days. and just the most recent example of late or flat-out erroneous information coming from the owners of japan's stricken nuclear power plant. >> tokyo electric power company says it needs to revise its announcement. >> reporter: tepco officials reported radiation levels near a pool of one of the reactors were 10 million times the normal level. workers were evacuated and news reports were full of fears the crisis only deepened. for all the alarm bells the news set off, sets out tepco says it was wrong. the radiation level in that pool and three other pools was high, but not the astronomical level first described. tepco apologized for what it called an inconvenience. but it was an inconvenience no one here needed. those in the hardest-hit area
of the quake a 30 ft. wall of water comes ashore. tonight northeastern japan is reeling from floods, fires and a new threat from the damaged nuclear power plant. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:00. >>pam: at 4:00, complete coverage of the earthquake in the tsunami that hit the california coast. our team coverage begins this afternoon with rob. he is live in santa cruz where there is major damage. >>rob: santa cruz county remains under a local state of emergency rate now. millions of damage as many as 100 boats have been damaged here. we have some video that we can show you. we saw surge after surging floodwaters coming into the channel of the santa cruz yacht harbor. this continued until 1:00 in the afternoon. as you can see it just these boats and operated them breaking away large chunks of the docks. hundreds of people came down here, for evacuation orders. the wharf remains closed and the beaches remain closed and the tsunami warning remains in effect here. were going to get confirmation on some of these numbers. of rate now is fairly common. but report
are learning two to three hundred bodies have been found in japan. the death toll is expected to rise significantly. it is friday, march 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie does have the morning off. >>> time now 6:01. the death toll from that tsunami in japan has just jumped. we just learned that between 200 and 300 bodies have been found. at least 88 others were also killed. and nearly 350 people are missing. >> that number as mentioned will certainly go up. a dangerous situation also developing right here on the california coast this morning. a tsunami warning means evacuations west of highway 1 and parts of the linda mar area in pacifica, folks are heading for higher ground and in san francisco, the great highway has been closed, as well. >> and the tsunami from the major earthquake in japan is expected to be hitting hawaii right about now. people gassed up very early this morning as coastal areas on the islands were evacuated. the waves could be six feet or higher there. >> lawrence is tracking the latest warnings and this might be two to three feet but it re
say has begun. kron 4 spoke to the possibility vote in now on. >>reporter: fear is growing in japan about a possible nuclear meltdown. workers aren't evil the " three reactors after large quake jolted the region and south coast and on these costs even more damage. japanese officials that if so desperate it began helping sea water on to the reactors. top travertine is a nuclear energy expert in the senate left the water is used reactor will never work again. half a day >> in keeping cool continuously, and they're not going to be usable. i laugfin the risk to be cliff at large is low. chernobyl was a different kind of reactor, it's the kind of reactor that we don't allow in your or in the ninth for japan. there is enough information for anybody to tell you what is going happen next if >>reporting live, this is kron4 news. >>reporter: is video showing the powerful finale rolling into town for e.f. the nation is having a hard time recovering after a surge water continues to push through coastal cities. off more than two under 15,000 people have been evacuated off are in temporary shelte
. the pictures of the votes were tossed about by the tsunami waves as they rolled in from the earthquake in japan. the ways costing millions of dollars in damage. now we want to show you that hawaii was hit with the tsunami as well. it brought waves some as high as 6 ft. to harbor in now we. these images show you how high the water is in homes. >>catherine: a lot of people are reacting on line. people are sharing their stories and pictures and videos. kimberly has some of what to what we can find on line. >>kimberlee: going to focus on www.kron4.com. we have lots of pictures, videos and a lot of block conversation taking place right now. let's show you, right now live block taking place. on- line is manager bryan answer your questions about quake in the tsunami. it of yours coming together and sharing their stories and experiences about evacuating. some are even sharing their stories about losing their boats on line. we'll saw video reports, such as helicopter video showing boat smashing together in the santa cruz harbor. we also have a slide show you can take a look at. it is filled with photos
on a coastal neighborhood in japan. >>> another explosion tonight at a japanese nuclear power plant. seven people are missing. a half dozen reactors teaterring on the edge of meltdown. >>> and help from california arrived in japan. how search and rescue crews along with their dogs will help with the recovery. >>> good evening, i'm ann notarangelo a bart train derailing today. the frightening accident may also cripple tomorrow's commute. don knapp is in concord tonight. don. >> reporter: ann, the bart train jackknifed as described to us by bart earlier today. you can look up the embankment and see the 8th and 9th cars a of a 10-car train. they are continuing to work on this throughout the night. they have a plan in place. a very large crane gingerly lifting two of the cars that derailed outside the concord bart station and put them back on the tracks. crews on the scene all day getting them back in service. the track has been tied up since two cars derailed about 9:20 a.m. this morning as the training was pulling out of the station. >> just started shaking back and forth. moving around. an
northeastern japan is reeling from floods, fires and a new threat from a damaged nuclear power plant. hundreds of people were killed in japan by today's earthquake in tsunami. the numbers are still coming in. look of this video of the massive tsunami moving into japan you could see what's happening here as the boats are being tossed about. a powerful wall of water causing destruction. hundreds of people are still missing tonight, thousands are already known to be injured. the huge waves that roared ashore after the quake to carry away ships, cars and triggered wild fires throughout the area. the quake also triggered a tsunami warning along the west coast of california. you could see some of the damage happening here. at least five people were swept out to sea and one was still missing. in santa cruz, also very hard hit you could see the harbor, boats damaged and the tsunami search has the votes to come was all morning long. waves were rolling in and out. the books destroyed docks causing severe damage. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. >>catherine: you're
devastated the coast especially in northeastern japan. now the waves are crossing the pacific with a tsunami warning posted for our coast this morning 8:00 here in the bay area, crescent city around 7:30. waves could start hitting the bay area as early as 7:00. so time to watch. >> let's go to gianna franco who is monitoring the roads including the great highway closure that we just told you about. >> good morning. of course, we are keeping a close eye on all the coastal areas. they have issued a closure as a precaution for the great highway. it is shut down between lincoln and sloat. so avoid that area if you can. they are saying it's going to be closed for most of the morning probably into the midday hours, as well. so then great highway is shut down between lincoln and sloat. also we are keeping a close eye on the pacifica area, highway 1. linda mar boulevard, crespie for folks who are told to evacuate in that area. right now i just spoke to someone in pacifica and seems like things are okay. there are a lot more people on the roads obviously. but no problems to report righ
. the great highway is closed. a massive devastating 8.9 earthquake hitting japan the fifth largest earthquake ever recorded. it is headed towards the west coast. >> louisa: seen waves in hawaii, there's a tsunami warning for the entire state of hawaii. rtc and waves up to 7 ft.. we are expected to see continue to see those waves increase. the big island could actually get waves up to about 10 ft.. this map shows you where they could reach. dark shade of red indicating 10 ft. waves. rain now japan has already seen 98 quakes. we're talking about those aftershocks, as well. this happened raid on the zone between north american in the pacific plate. will continue to watch those aftershocks. golden gate bridge, we're watching waves here in our area as well. wave heights are expected to peak just after 8:00, the good news is this is low tide. that does keep those waves down slightly. those waves continue to push down to santa barbara. here's a look at some of those fights, expecting them to get out part of 04 feet up into arena cove. more than 2 ft. waves through. rave. pacifica 2.8, 3 ft. half moo
's largest private employ ear. >>> we have felt the earth move but with what's happening in japan should be be looking into buying quake insurance? our don't waste your money plan figures it out for you. >> and starting tomorrow and continuing through july taxi cabs will charge an extra dollar fuel sur charge for riders with in the district. >> you can play on the man made court in the festival or follow the rolling meat ball, the millersville. . >>> as we keep watching japan the nuclear regulation commission said we don't expect to see radiation at farmful levels reaching baltimore. the epa has interesting websites set up and it monitoring the food and water. we have an air monitor system here, there is one in dc and one up in dover delaware and the monitors that were checked today detected levels far below any levels for concern. i want to chase everybody to the website, it's interesting, it's epa.governor/japan 2011. we have it waiting for you on the website. >> you know a power company in charge of japan's nuclear reactor said they made a mistake when they measured radiation level
. those stories and much more coming up after the break. >>pam: new details in japan, the japanese government says the radiation in tokyo's tap water and out exceeds the safe level for consumption by children. that is caused a rush on bottled water. the japanese capital is far. the food and drug administration says, a japanese food from other sections of the country will be screened before being elected to the united states. more smoke is rising from the damaged reactor is causing a new evacuation of workers were trying to restart the plant's cooling pumps. the operator of the plant said there was no apparent new release of radiation. the company did released pictures of the control room, with lights turned on for the first time since the earthquake and tsunami. the earthquake in tsunami are turning out to be the most expensive disaster in history. if the death toll is now nearing 10,000, with another 16,000 missing. if the japanese-government estimates the damage at more than $300 billion. toyota said today it will delay the launch of its pre as hybrid minivan due to disruptions i
anniversary where workers gathered outside of the three mile island plant. those offered prayers to japan. mary, back to you. >>> thank you, the final death toll is expected to reach 18,000 with hundreds of thousands still homeless. >>> the united states government confirms small amounts of radiation have made its way to america. derek valcourt has more on what is being done about it. >> reporter: radiation levels found in the u.s. are minuscule. so small that the state and government are urging people not to worry about it. it's a long trip from the site of the disaster to hear in the united states. some radiation has made it. sunday, federal officials announce a radioactive form of iodine that's been detected in rain water in pennsylvania and further north in massachusetts. the epa says that those radiation levels are about 25 times below the level that would be of concern for the most vulnerable infants and pregnant women. >> it's much less still than a regular plane flight. if you get an x-ray, that's highier radiation. >> reporter: the state health officials say that the routine amou
lab, we know whether radiation from japan is in the rain falling right now across the bay area. cheryl hurd joins us from berkeley with the test results. cheryl. >> reporter: raj, nuclear engineers at uc berkeley are leading the way when it comes to research on radiation from japan, and tonight they say the test results are in. rain here in the bay area is raising concerns. some people worry japan's nuclear disaster will mean radiation levels here will raise to unhealthy levels. >> i have a feeling it will increase, but hopefully it's not too dangerous. >> reporter: measurements are in progress right now in a lab at uc berkeley's campus. >> as of last wednesday we star started to collect air samples. as of friday and saturday we collected rain. >> reporter: an around of clock analysis shows a definite increase in water and air. >> we should not be concerned. the amount of radiation from japan is extremely install and shouldn't cause any problem or concern for us and our health. >> buddy says the testing is important because it helps nuclear engineers understand radiation, and it helps
than 40 nations to discuss libya. >>> frustration is grow anything japan. it's been more than two weeks since the earthquake in japan. here's the report from new york. >> reporter: japan's prime minister defended the government's actions after the earthquake and tsunami damaged the plant. opposition lawmakers and parliament weren't convinced. you're the prime minister, said this politician, what were you thinking when you ran out of the office? today, the workers continue trying to remove the highly radioactive water. and there's a new concern, the presence of plutonium in the ground nearby. in washington, the u.s. energy commission's top nuclear expert told the committee, they're slowly recovering and the presence of pollute tone yum is ex-- plutonium is expect and not to be alarming. >> it's not in significant levels. >> reporter: the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission is reviewing safety commissions at nuclear plants in america. one of the most significant concerns is how to handle a power loss at a plant. radiation is being checked in japan again. >> we probably don't get close enou
in half japan. enough for the death toll has now reached 1800 people. if that number is expected to top 10,000 and go well beyond that peripheric federal health plans to remain in all the if their agencies declared a state of emergency has to play if you're if one plant that has explosion on saturday at a the went to nigeria if the reactor remain fifth half, though several people were injured. the japan) is under the person on the warnings. off despite the warning rescue efforts continue. r hall has become search for life in japan >>reporter: can finance resigned the country is facing its worst crisis the flow of work to carry enough fare are melissa hope. f three elderly people were pulled alive from this car. fewer stock under mud and debris for 20 hours. off hundreds of people remain missing. families desperately searching for love one's host on message boards and shelters. >> i hope he's taken a similar, i have been struggling to locate him. >>reporter: 01 to know is that we've what is going on at the nuclear plant authorities the harsh, on the occurred at one plant 160 mi. north of to
'm ann notarangelo. the scope of the disaster in japan is becoming clearer each day. the death toll continuing to rise and survivors are cut off from rescuers and aid. 686 known dead. government officials say it will be much higher. an explosion today blew the roof and walls off a nuclear reactor. nine people exposed to radiation. four trains have disappeared and not been located and 9500 people in one coastal town have not been accounted for. the tsunami went as far as six miles inland. more strong aftershocks today in japan, largest magnitude 6.1 this morning. and that's prompting new concerns at the country's nuclear reactors. charlie d'agata with what is calling this anxiety. >> reporter: raising anxiety across japan. a cloud of white smoke cover thed nuclear complex after the blast. 170,000 people have been evacuated, 12 miles around the area. engineers are trying to get a handle on it and say the explosion destroyed the building that housed the reactor but not the reactor itself. the safety agency is reporting another emergency at a second reactor in the same complex. >> there
it and how tomorrow morning's commutes are affected. the tsunami is japan's worst crisis since -- the nuclear meltdown threats continue to grow. and new video emerges, showing the incredible power of the tsunami unleashed on a coastal neighborhood. good evening. a terrifying ride for dozens of bart riders. it cripples service at this hour hour. linda tells house how service is affected. >> reporter: take a look behind me. you see the two cars from that one train that did derail. to the left of those cars, there is a giant crane being used to try to move those cars off the track. it isn't a very quick process, and the repairs could last into night. >> a ten-car train heading to san francisco international airport just left the concord station. it's a slow speed derailment. passengers said it was a bumpy ride that got scary. >> it just started shaking back and forth, moving around. it felt like we were going over stuff. one of the ladies sitting next to me said, i don't think we should be move right now and that's when we all started panicking. >> reporter: there's significant track damage. wor
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and breaking new the earthquake in japan, keeping see the pictures on left the wall of water on the right the devastation left behind the city of 1 million people stuck with a wave than a net of 33 ft. high waves. large ships are in the port line on their side has is an cars washed away. it is the biggest earthquake to hit japan in hundreds of years the fifth biggest in the world. as we show you the latest video coming in from japan the incredible destruction. >> mark: it has come on shore, hundreds of people reportedly dead in japan we wait for a smaller way to make its way across the pacific it is in hawaii is traveling of 500 mi. per hour. as a precaution they have closed beaches around the bay area rainout it just appears to be a precaution as a small wave is headed towards the west coast. louisa is showing as the waves that makes its way across. >> louisa: rain now we do have a tsunami warning in effect for hawaii, we're continuing to see things die down we see the waves of died down strong waves surges keep in mind we continue to s
commuters want the know. >>> well, moving on to the crisis in japan tonight where estimates of the death toll from thursday's earthquake and tsunami has topped 10,000. there are conflicting government reports reports reports of a possible partial meltdown in side one of the reactor cores. hundreds of people have been checked for radiation exposure and over 100 people have tested positive. they say no radiation is likely to reach the u.s. this is stunning to watch. dramatic new images of friday's tsunami are still coming in. they're pushing into a narrow bay and black water flowing over a sea wall. everything in its pass is washed away. streets were turned into raging rivers and boats in the bay get caught in the flow when they're forced under an overpass. help from all over the world is pouring into japan this weekend. the u.s. military and the agency for international development have sent a variety of supplies and expert workers. two teams, one from los angeles and one from fairfax county, virginia. each has 75 members and six dogs trained to detect survivors . several other countries,
andrews, cbs news, washington. >>> now to japan. the united states became the first nation to block the import of dairy products and produce from the areas surrounding the crippled nuclear power plant. japanese foods make up less than 4% of all u.s. imports. and it is unclear how much of that comes from the fukushima area. the fda says it expects no radiation risk to the u.s. food supply. >>> officials in tokyo say infants should not be given tap water. radioactive iodine in tokyo's tap water is twice the recommended limit for infants. and another earthquake hit northern japan this morning. workers at one of the fukushima reactors had to be pulled out because of a radiation spike. the japanese government says the cost of the earthquake and tsunami could reach $309 billion. charlie d'agata has more. >> reporter: electricity has been restored to the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant, but workers have to check all the equipment for damage before switching on the cooling systems. that process could take days or even weeks. and, there's the continued concern of radiation leaks. >> th
breaking news tonight out of japan where a 7.9 earthquake has just been recorded. and japan's weather agency is warning that a tsunami as much as 20 feet high could hit japan's northeast coast. that tsunami warning is in effect for much of the north pacific. the quake was centered on the eastern side. people in tokyo felt it. people ran out of high rise buildings. all we know about it all know, this is it, this information is just coming into our news room. we will pass on any other details as soon as we find out. 7.9 magnitude quake in japan. >>> also in the news tonight, a car lift from the a san francisco dealership wasn't the first sports car stolen from that facility. we told you earlier this week about the yellow sports car ripped off in a sophisticated heist. it belongs to guy fieri, john marks says in 2005 someone stole his jag from the same place. he thinks it's the same thief. >> this guy is very busy enbecause he walks right up into the facility, got into my car and drove it out the front door in the middle of the day. >> mark says after his jag was stolen, another yellow l
in japan, and lived to tell. >> devastating. and the worst thing i've ever seen. so i just kind of stayed and watched for a little while. >> she left san jose on a journey of self-discovery and returned. an incredible story. what happened when the quake hit and the sea is starting surging toward her town in japan. >>> and friends flooding your inbox? is it a social network scam? tonight what you need to know before you sign up and buy. >> and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. tremendous amount of rain in the past 48 hour, anywhere close to 2 to 5 inches in some places. los tos topping out in the south bay with over 3 1/2 inches. we'll have details on who needso to watch o thech most with our next storm system coming up. >>> and we leave you with some more compelling photographs of the storm damage and a massive cleanup that's now under way. these photos up right now on our website, nbcbayarea.com. ♪ let's see you fly now! [ laughs ] look, more frequent flyer red tape. not on my watch. let that family fly! [ tires screech ] i just wanted to use miles to take my family o
, republicans criticized the president over his actions on libya. a nuclear power plant in japan continues to deteriorate as another quick hits. if radiation is found in rainwater cash in the east coast. britney spears fans line up to see the pop star performer. we show you what design flavors: the cake for the royal wedding. hey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] don't miss a second of ncaa march madness with my multiview, only from at&t u-verse. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >>vicki: the began firing missiles over libya to force the united nations approved the no-fly zone. the mission has not been without criticism. here's barbara with this report. >>reporter: unusual sight in unusual times. a live in man and the just liberated city kids thanks for coalition airstrikes that have helped give rebels seeking to unseat khaddafi the chance to regroup. a successfu
on friday and locate boats following japan's devastating earthquake. and fish and game are looking for a dozen boats that sank to the bottom of the santa cruz harbor because of the surge in the water. before these vessels are brought to surface all of the debris in the harbor must be removed first because of safety concerns. he explains the instruments used. >> first and foremost you are looking at the surface and seeing if any are partially above water level and using sonar to detect the vessels in the water and divers will go in at some point in time. and there will be a lot of assessment of the vessels. looking at the vessels and see for there is dang and water in the vessels. >> reporter: what they use to bring the boats back? >> they are float bags. they bring bags into the vessels and basically put airs in the bags and they display the water in the vessel and causes the stress tole be lightened and the vessel comes to the surface. you can winch these things up and pull them out of the water. >> fish and game officials will be out here tomorrow again at 7:00 a.m. to assess mor
.../ japan.../// a.../ virginia.../ woman .../ ii...//// ááfoundáá.../ ddad...// dead...// she.../ was.../ in... japan.../ teaching...//. ááthisáá.../ is... a picture.../ of.../ 24.../ -year-old.../ taylor.../ anderson.../ with.../ a.../ student....///// áásheáá.../ could... be.../ the... first.../ known .../ american.../ victim.../ of.../ japan's/...// earthquake...// "just made this her dream of going over and being a teacher." she.../ had... been teaching .../ in japan.../ for... 3 years power's.../// been... restored.../ to... the ttoubled .../ nuclear power.../ plant.../// //.ááplantáá.../ operators...// hope.../ to... restore.../// the.../ pumps...// ááthatáá.../ cool it...// down...///áábutáá... this.../ will... take.../ weeks...// or.../ months.../ to.../ do....///// ááradiationáá...// has... been detected.../ in ... the.../ ocean.../ ááexpertsáá... say.../ th
't pose any risk. the u.s. is banning some food imports from the affected regions in japan. they are concerning evacuating service mens in japan. sailors have been given potaszium pills as precaution, and also the pills were provided to their families on the base. >>> the death toll reached 9300. officials have been forced to hold mass burials. the permission of the families are required. the japanese believe that cremation releases the person's spirit. >>> gray's proposal rating is just 31%. 40% disapprove. 29% say they don't have an opinion. the main issues was his leadership, ethics and inability to appoint the right people. negative feelings for kwame brown, 27% approval rating with a 43% disapproval rating. brown came underfire for leasing two suvs, costing taxpayers nearly $4,000 a month. >>> coming up on 5:0 six right now, police are trying to figure out if two unsolved murders are connected. the deadly shootings happened within days of each other in olney. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: this is an unlikely place for murders to happen. they don't have a high murd
the hispanic population is growing. fighters to libya claimed a major victory, japan's nuclear concerns continue to escalate. we show what the new nintendo 3 ds which hit stores sunday. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>maureen: u.s. census has finished telling up the senses. it turns out america's ethnic landscape is changing faster than anticipated. >>reporter: 16 people living in the united states is now hispanic, passing the 50 million mark in total for the first time. the census department said the hispanic population grew 50% during the first decade. >> the growth is very rapid and what
basin tonight to show support for japan. good evening, i'mvim vants. >> and i'm wendy rieger. a woman stabbed in the back and what appears to be a robby that happened after a block off of the popular h street corridor in northeast washington. the atlas district. jackie bensen is the first reporter on the scene there. >> reporter: wendy, we're told the victim poultd a can of mace or pepper spray to defend herself and ended up being stabbed. now she's going to be okay but crime has unnerved this neighborhood tonight. >> reporter: two women described as being in their 20s were walking here in the intersection of 13th and g streets northeast about 8:40 p.m., when they were confronted by two men with a knife who tried to rob them. witnesses say that when one of the women pulled out a large can of mace or pepper spray one of the robbers jumped her from behind and stabbed her in the back and both arms. the robbers fled with the victim's purse leaving her bleeding on the sidewalk. she was taken to a local hospital by balance. -- anyway ambulance. police recovered the knife in the purse a few
including what's going on in japan. joins us now from new york to tell us what's come up at 7:00 on "gma." . >> that's right. good morning, janelle. coming up on the show, we'll have the latest on the major setback in japan. japanese power company officials say they knew about extremely high radiation levels before three workers suffered severe burns. we'll have more on the new details coming up in the show. also ahead, a new warning about artificial food coloring. the government says it may worsen hyperactivity in some kids. and now the f.d.a. is looking to taking action. plus new research shows that 51% of americans over the age of 12 are on facebook. we'll take a look at how the social media giant is changing the way we communicate. and incredible images of a man who spotted a massive shark and unlike everyone else and everything else we do, instead of turning away, he decided to grab his kayak and paddle out for a closer look. we'll talk to him later on this morning in this show. it's pretty incredible. he went out towards the shark and lived to tell about it. >> we wish you were he
fired the first strikes in this campaign. >>> now to japan where workers are handing out bottled watter to families andn tokyo. after officials warned residents not give the infants tap watter to drink. radiation from the nuclear power plant crippled after the earthquake and tsunami has seeped into the city's water supply and there is no bottled water left on store shelves. workers at the plant are struggling to regain control of an overheating reactor that caused radiation to be released into the air. >>> charities from across the world are donating to japan. in japan, charities collected donation for victims on the devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier this month. yesterday's volunteers helped to sort and deliver much needed items including food and household products. one maryland woman from salisbury teaches english in japan and is from an area hit hard by the earthquake. she said on her facebook post, don't forget to donate if you can. just because it's not on thenews doesn't mean people here don't need help. this is going to take years to recover from. >>> also next month, on
in japan tonight. but there may finally be some good news. but that damaged nuclear power plant. mary is live in the newsroom with the latest on the crisis there. >> they are still working to get the situation restored. workers at the nuclear power plant found that cooling pumps were completely destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami. they will have to be replaced. the most troubling news tonight, radiation found in food near the plant. farmers are being told they may have to destroy some of their crops. at least 28,000 are presumed missing or dead. and that number is likely to climb. >> more on the situation coming up at 6:30. as part of wjz's continuing community commitment. you can support disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in japan. and the pacific tsunami. text red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation. visit redcross.org. or call 1-800-red cross. >>> casualty of war, the ongoing conflict in afghanistan has claimed the life of another marine from maryland. 25-year-old staff sergeant james malkowski of westminster was killed yesterday in combat operat
, an update from japan. the prime minister is calling the situation very grave. >> there is more bad news concerning that nuclear plant as concerns mount over whether the u.s. could withstand a similar seismic event. >> creativity will be a -- the story is just ahead. including the 2011 jetta. awesome. plus it's an iihs top safety pick. even better. but they're going fast. so, i guess this is where you tell me i got to hurry or it's gone right? yep. going going gone. get it? it's funny. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen going going gone event. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last, get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit vwdealer.com today. >> baltimore is set to open a new school, one geared toward fashion, architecture, and graphic design. >> it is called the baltimore design school, a place where students can develop their creative talents. >> this school has been on the drawing board for some time now. with the help of some of the city's creative moves it -- movers and shakers, it will become a success. the baltimore design school will start off in the old western middle s
. maryland.japan.. found in morning news... now on fox45 foxbaltimore dot com slash i-radar now on fox45 morning news... radition from japan.. found in . maryland.we are monitoring for anything that would be unexpected... just how much you're being exposeddto.. and whether or not you should be concerned about your health. health.lead us not into temptation.why one new study says.. going to church.. could be what's making you overweight. overweight.musical natt nats shrek: the musical.. invades ba. baltimoree31:!4-come on in inwe take you backstage. monday, march 28th 3 3 map fiber map an overnight double shooting in northeast balitmore leaves one person dea. dead. it happened late last night on elmley avenue. two 17 year olds were shot.. as they sat in a car.one was hit in the back.. and later died from his injuries.the other... shot in the arm and is in serious ... but stable pondtion this morning.no word yet on suspects or motives. an elderly man is hit by an amtrak train and killed. killed. it happpned early saturday morning, around one a-m... on the tracks at east preston stree
, kelly. thank you. >>> now to the disaster in japan. the eyes of the world remain on that nuclear plant, crippled by the earthquake and tsunami. wjz is live with complete coverage. mike hellgren has more on concerns at a nearby plant that has a similar design as the japanese plant. but first, mary has the latest on the crisis. >> there is finally good news. signs engineers are starting to stablize the situation there. engineers have took hooked autopsy reactors at all six. but it could be days or weeks before all of the repair work is finished. and the all-important systems are restarted. still, radiation levels remain high around the plant, which has been evacuated. >>> and the first american death in the earthquake and tsunami has been confirmed tonight. the body of 24-year-old taylor anderson from richmond, virginia, was found in the area where the tsunami hit. survivors say she stayed behind to make sure all of her students were safe before she tried to get out. a number of other americans are still missing in japan. and their families are presuming the worst right now. >> our cover
to the court and both sides by may 11th. >> the struggle to stabilize nuclear reactors in japan continues while the death toll from the earthquakes rises. randall pinkston has more. >> the vice chairman of japan visited a shelter to apologize to homeless fukushima residents. they spoke to families, one by one. he admitted his family's responsibility at the nuclear power plant. and promised to compensate victims. this man says he has apologized to us, but we also want to know when we can get back into our homes. that depends on progress at the diichi plant, where crews are repairing the systems. officials say the work being could take days. water in one reactor storage pool is reported to be dangerously hot. if the water burns away, exposed fuel rods could throw more radiation into the atmosphere. >> radiation is still rising from the complex. but they're not sure where it's coming from. >> reporter: u.s. troops are still making humanitarian flights to areas deemed safe. but pentagon officials say they are being cautious. >> we're very concerned about the health of our men and women in uniform.
japan -- dairy and produce imports from japan war nuclear reactor is leaking radiation. the fda is screening food from other parts of japan for radiation. oil prices are around $105 a barrel because of the unrest in the middle east. it could be worse. japan's oil consumption is down a million barrels a day because of the earthquake. price of oilup ped 24% in the -- oil jumped 24% in the past month. >>> -- a judge says a deal between google and publishers raises antitrust concerns. and aflac is holding open auditions for the spokes duck. those who think they are a quack above the rest can submit a demo at quackaflac.com. thanks for watching. i am peggy bunker. >>> now out good morning, maryland." >>> -- now "good morning maryland." >>> look at this video. a photographer in southwest iowa wap tured this shot of a funnel cloud in the distance. national weather service reported several tornadoes in nebraska and iowa. storms packed with gulf ball sized hail left scattered damage across the region. >>> tuesday was a perfect day for suffering on lake superior. but that had to be so col
. >> hill: need some patience. all right, rebecca, thanks (japan today, the prime minister said his nation is on maximum alert because of the crippled nuclear plant. today two workers were soaked by radioactive water that somehow got through their waterproof suits. they were decontaminated, they were not seriously hurt. meantime, a report, though, came out today that plant officials were warned as far back as 2007 that a tsunami could overwhelm the plant's flood defenses. those officials failed to act. safety procedures are also under review at u.s. nuclear plants, but former employees at one plant in california tell us their warnings were ignored. that's ahead. an up next, the maker of a drug to prevent premature births delivers a massive price hike. hey, pete. yeah, it's me, big brother. put the remote down and listen. [ male announcer ] this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped using your exercise bike as a coat rack. that's it? you're done? i don't think so. you told me your doctor's worried about plaque clogging your arteries -- what
. >> james: the latest set of japan evacuees are anxious to return to their home near power plants but have no idea whether there will take days months, or possibly even years. workers are busy working up electrical systems to try and repair a damaged cooling system but the restoration of their electricity won't automatically solve the problem. the request a suspension of sales of spinach and for a smoke near the plant. the government's decision was based on readings found in the produce. part of the expressway that lacks the next japan was reopened today. they have restored some real service. we spoke to an official about radiation here in the bay area in the next 30 minutes we will tell you what the epa is doing and whether people with health complications should be concerned. >> justine: opening statements are scheduled today in the barry bonds trial he returned to court yesterday prosecutors say he lied to a grand jury when he said that he never used steroids. dan kerman tells us what happened just a in court. >> reporter: silver tie, black suit, he arrived in san francisco monday to f
last name wasn't her problem. 3 more countries are banning some food from japan --- and now there's word that the nuclear crisis may be worse than expected.. expected.. as japanese breach in the coreeof reactor unit 3. two workers discovered water á10-thousand timesá more radioactive than levels found in water in áorá around a typical reactor. the contaminated water left burns on their skin. "the current condition of fukushima nuclear power plant does not allow any optimism yet. we will do our utmost to prevent the situation from deteriorating furtherr" further." here in the u-s --- small traces of radiation have now beennpickkd up in colorado and oregon -- along with other western states.but analysts say the amounts pose absolutely no threat to public health. the arthquake and tsunami in japan may affect the ácolorá of car you can bby.ford gets pigments for black and red paint from japan.the company haa asked dealers to stop taking orrers for those colors. the forecast sounds like it belongs in february... not march marchmeteorologist emily gracey is back w
in japan. japan.aad at least 16-thousand still missing... are pressumed to be dead.meanwhile... officials are urging residents water... after high levels of radiation were detected in tap pater. stores were recently ransacked... by people trying to stock up on safe drinking water and food. here in the u-s... hawaii, cclifornia, colorado and pashington... have all reported tracee of radiation from japan..nd today... oregon joins the list.levels are noo high enough to pose any threat to humans... but health officials are keeping a cllse pye... just in case. two planes are forced to land without assistance from air traffic controo... after tte supervisor on duty... falls asleep on the job. job.it happened early wednesday morning... at washinggon's reagan national airport.trafficccontrol was quote "unresponsive" at tte time. both planes managed to touch down safely... after contacting a nearby regional control tower for assistance. an investigatiin is now underway. a crackdown in baltimore... on drivers who are illegally parking in handicapped spaces. spaces. city police are workkng with a
really want to encourage kids who have been thinking -- we've all been thinking more about japan these days. this is a really lovely way to go and think about the friendship between the united states and japan, this wonderful gift given from the japanese government 99 years ago. so we explore that in today's kidspost. and we encourage everybody to go out and enjoy that. >> nice timely history lesson. >> it kicks off its annual poetry contest. i'm always amazed at the number of entries. >> this is just amazing. we typically get between 1,500 and 2,000 entries. kids love poetry. april is national poetry month. i do have to tell the people at channel 4 that the intro rhyme is not eligible for this poetry contest. but it's open to all kids ages 13 and under. one entry per child. must be original. deadline is april 4th. we will publish them at the end of april and share some of them on air. >> and you have awesome baseball books to share. >> the nationals begin the season on thursday. so just in time in tuesday's kidspost we have some really nice baseball books. roberto and me by dan
efforts in japan. born than 1 million people are expected to check out the trees tuesday-friday. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> a little snow gets in the cherry blossoms, it will add it to the lightness of the trees. i am trying to put a good spin on what is coming. in baltimore, we are not seriously threatened. most of this bill passed to the south. right now, beginning to see some high clouds come in. you can see on the satellite imagery, extreme southwest virginia, sums -- some sure our activity. that is right at the moment because temperatures are above the freezing point. by the time this moisture gets their baltimore, are temperatures will be closer to freezing and any precipitation will have to drop a few more degrees. let's check out what happened today so far. with below average for the season. typically 57 would be the high and we are limited to 46 at the airport and 47 at the inner harbor. the airport got down to 28. today was very similar to yesterday as far as the way the brain waves. indianapolis, easton, 42-43. parkton 39, westminst
in tripoli ending rumors he may have taken refuge outside the capital city. >>> in japan a spike in radiation levels and a setback to prevent a meltdown. there was an evacuation after workers got close to ending the crisis after restoring electricity at the plant. they have to check more equipment before turning on the cooling system. >>> authorities are telling them not to let babies drink tap water because of radiation in it. they are vulnerable to radioactive iodine which causes thyroid cancer. levels in the water are not high enough to harm adults. and the government reports the economic costs of the earthquake and tsunami could reach $309 billion. this could have killed 80,000 people. >>> the bomb threat, the threatening call made to a passenger plane coming up. >> new fallout from an east bay drug scandal involving a state narcotics agent. why concerns about his credibility could let a criminal off the hook. >>> electronic dance music is the number one form of dance -- of expression for young people toda and this generation. >> how music fans are stepping up their push to keep raves goi
to japan. want to get you the very latest on the disaster there. after this morning, radioactive a dean started turning up in tokyo's tap water. that has officials now saying infants should not drink the water. workers, meantime, at that crippled nuclear power plant have been evacuated once again after smoke started pouring out of one of its reactors. cbs news correspondent bill whitaker is in tokyo this morning with more on this situation. bill, hello. >> good morning, erica. it's one step forward, and two steps backward when it comes to this nuclear crisis. just when officials think they're getting a handle on this plant, more bad news. today, there's growing concern here in tokyo about the spread of nuclear contamination. tap water at a tokyo purification site some 180 miles south of the crippled fukushima nuclear plant tested positive for radiation wednesday, as levels twice the limit considered safe for infants. authorities warned parents not to let their babies drink the water. bottled water now is disappearing from store shelves. radiation already has contaminated vegetables and
was arrested after an anonymous tip. >>> next, gone but the memories of japan's quake still fresh on their minds. >> everybody was falling over. it was that strong. and it was just -- it felt like the earth was changing, like the earth was ending. >> evacuated americans make it back home. what some saw right before they left. >> drivers off the hook. how one man's fight against red light cameras is saving a lot of people from getting tickets. >>> and singer chris brown loses his cool. the interview that caused him to flip out and smash a window. ,,,,,,,,,, all options" in response to the stepped up violence against >>> tonight the u.s. military is w it's considering all options in response -- is warning it's considering all options in response to violence in misurata, libya. this video reportedly shows an attack on civilians, not clear if anybody was hurt in the blast but meanwhile nato forces launched more air strikes on government and military targets today and also today, president obama said the four-day air assault will soon achieve the objectives of the no-fly zone. he also
developments out of japan, a major set back at a crippled plant. >> it is friday, march 25th, it doesn't feel like a late march morning. don't be surprised if you have to do scraping on your car this morning. >> so many i run into are telling me, tom, when do we get warmer weather? i keep telling them, i am trying. >> try harder. >> we are talking about winter-like weather. the cold air has moved in place. this will set the stage for major accumulating snow on sunday. right now, it is frosty cold. 32 at reagan national it is just near 30 in arlington. montgomery county, in the mid and upper 20s, right near the bay waters, just a mile or two away from the bay, it is down in the upper 20s. most locations, under a clear sky. colder in western maryland, the low to mid 20s in many locations, it is a frosty, cold start, thanks to the high pressure that pushed down from canada, in place here, and will be in place through the weekend. for today, as we look there at the live view from the city, a clear start. sunrise after 7:00. we will have temperatures in the 30s. peaking in the 40s for a brief ti
weeks since an earthquake and tsunami battered japan. thousands are still homeless. but as manuel galeg us reports for -- gallegus reports, the entire nation is on edge as the nuclear crisis escalates. >> reporter: japan's nuclear disaster appears to be getting worse. highly radioactive water is believed to be leaking at the fukushima daichi plant. japanese officials say a reactor core may have been breached, which might allow larger levels of raidication -- radiation to escape than in the past two weeks. this latest problem was discovered when two workers were burned when water levels contained levels 2,000 times higher than previously detected. the prime minister calls the situation grave and dangerous. >> here at the united nations, the secretary general met with some of the world's top nuclear, health, agricultural and weather experts to try to help get an assessment of japan. >> reporter: engineers tried to stabilize the crippled reactors at the plant. but smoke and fires are slowing progress. they are sending two barges sent with fresh waters to help cool the reactors. in tokyo, t
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